Hello! Thanks for choosing Urbanpinion. Below we will show you how you can use our service and create polls on our platform.

Alright! Hopefully, you have already decided what project you will launch at Urbanpinion.
After all, our service is suitable for both the stages of research and data collection, as well as for discussing concepts, collecting ideas from visitors and users, proactive budgeting, discussing a territory development plan at meetings and workshops, and much more - it all depends on your tasks.

Below you will find the manual on how to set up your Urbanpinion
Let's start with signing up
Signing up
  1. Go to to get in the Demo Version. If you've already done that, you are inside the Urbanpinion platform.
  2. Press Sign In on the top of the page.
  3. Choose Sign Up.
  4. Fill in the form and press Sign Up.
  1. Log in, by clicking on Log In on top of the page.

2. After you logged in, you are in the Panel, where you can see all the Projects (created by you - those are the surveys) and Profile - there you can manage the settings. Also, on the right top there is a button +New Project to create another survey.

Right until you create a project, your working area page is going to be empty. As soon as you create a survey, it will appear on the list.

3. In your Profile Settings you can change the profile picture or your name.

4. After creating projects, all of them will be displayed in the List of projects when you click on the Projects tab on the Panel. Each project has a name - a badge Published/Draft/Completed (if the survey is stopped), as well as Edit and Statistics buttons. Clicking on the Project itself will take you to its published page. It is in this form that it is available to respondents.

Creating a new project

1. Press the button +New Project on the top right corner of the List of projects page.

2. In the pop-up window choose Project type. In the demo version you can only choose the Survey.

Different types of projects
Initiative budgeting
Advanced survey (similar to Google Form + our map and landing page)
A simple question with the choice of the Map and route category
Questions with a text answer
Multiple choice question
Separate page for every Idea.
Active in demo-version

3.Press Next and type in Project name

4. Press Next and set the Project map. You can choose to have a map (then your project will have an interactive map) or turn it off (then your project will have idea walls - pages for collecting ideas and voting without a map) .

  • Set up Zoom of the map using + and - buttons, or by inserting a number to the right of the map.
  • Set the center of the map using the Geolocation button on it.
  • Set up the layer of the map by choosing if needed Satellite by pressing the button Satellite on the Panel to the right of the map
  • Set the survey border by clicking the Draw button on the Panel to the right of the map. Or upload a file .geojson Polygon type using the Upload button.

To draw a border, click Draw, put the desired points on the map, right-click to complete. The border will remain. To delete it, click on the Delete button on the Panel to the right of the map
5. Click Next and select Icons for the Marks and Routes that your respondents will mark. You can choose from our list, change their names and pictures or add completely new Marks and Routes. Don't forget to press Save.

6.Press Create on the bottom of the window.


Now it's time to continue it in the editor, add a description, photos, contacts, documents, logo.
1. Your created project is now on the List of projects in the main working field of your Account. Click on the Edit button under your project and go to the Editor

2. At the top of the Editor there are Edit buttons (to continue Editing), Preview (you can see what the published project looks like), Save (save edited), Publish (publish the project), Delete (delete the project)

3. Scroll the slider on the right in the browser and you will see blocks that can be edited. You can add or remove any of them later. To add - you need to click on + on the blocks to remove an X.

  • Logo - upload your logo by pressing - Logo. The best format for that - 100px, png
  • Layer - the background behind the project gallery, best format -1440×600 px, jpeg. To upload, press + Photo
  • Project gallery - better if the photo will be no more than 6.5MB and 3000×2000 resolution, format jpeg. In order to upload pictures faster, do not use high-resolution pics. The maximum amount of pictures you can upload is 10. The first picture will be the cover of your project. To upload pictures, press + Photo
  • Project name - put it in the blank space above the main description body.
  • Project description - may be placed above or below the map. The text can be edited.
  • Map - you can set up the center of the map, the borders of the poll, the scale of the map, and also use the satellite projections.
  • Contact Info - press the Add Company button - there you can put the Company name, address, e-mail, phone number and social media links. You may also mention the Personal Contact - first and last name, job position, social media link. If several people needed to be added, just press the Add button.

  • Documents - you can upload documents in .word, .pdf or .jpeg format. To do this, simply press the Add button.

4. If you are done editing the project - press Save and return to all projects or publish the project by pressing Publish. You can always come back to Editing.

This is how your page might look after editing:

  1. For every project you can get basic Statistics. You can reach it by clicking the Statistics button under the projects.

2. In Statistic you will find gender and age diagrams, marks category diagram, data from all the days of the survey and buttons to download database in xlsx and geojson formats.

3. If you need a detailed analytics album containing an analysis of all responses, you can purchase it separately. Let us know and we will send you the details.
Tips on how to write about your project
Title of the project
is better to be nice and clear. "Suggest your ideas for _________ " or create a motto "Participate in the city development!", if the survey is used for city master-plan, for example. It is important that the title of the project is similar to the theme. If the survey is about the small park, don't create a loud and extremely fancy motto.
In the project description
be sure to specify who is the organizer of the survey, why the survey is being conducted, what will happen to the results. Specify the terms of the survey. Nicely and clearly describe what exactly you expect from the residents - a description of the problems of the territory/ideas for developing the current format of use. It is important that the text should not be too long, because the main thing is that respondents get to the survey form and the map sooner. In the text, you can give a link to an additional questionnaire or other materials. Do not forget to write instructions at the end of the text for setting markers and routes. It is given below.
Choose the layer for your map
that is the most suitable for your territory. If the survey is about a park or yard, then use the satellite view for better detail
Choose the categories of Marks and Routes
that are the most suitable for your project. Don't forget about the Other category. It will help to collect important ideas that may not fit into standard categories
Don't forget to leave the contact info
of the creators of the survey. This will cause more trust in you + residents will be able to contact you with questions
Attach a presentation
for a more detailed description of the territory. You can also attach any other documents - the general plan, official letters, etc.
If you have a subscription,
and not a demo version, then you can create projects such as Initiative Budgeting and Advanced Survey. We will send you additional instructions.
Examples of Urbanpinion projects
Mark and Route creating manual
(This is an instruction for your respondents. It is also in a pop-up near Mark and Route buttons on a published page.)

Leave your suggestion in just a few steps:
1)Sign in via e-mail or other suggested methods.

2) Press the «Mark» or «Route» button above the map.
The form to fill in will appear:
  • category of the suggestion (city lighting, greenery, I don't like it, etc.);
  • name and description of the suggestion;
  • your personal information (not optional, just for analytics).

3) Put your mark or a route on the map.
Route – is a line on the map. It can be used for bike routes or eco-trail. If the line is drawn incorrectly, it can be erased with the help of the «Erase the line» button right above the map. You can edit your Mark or Route at any time before you press «Add».

4) Press «Add».
You are all set!

In order to vote for other ideas, log in via e-mail or other suggested methods and press «like» button right next to the idea.

If you have a subscription, you can use the following tools: online and offline promotion of your poll and a complete analytics album for your project - we will help you to save your budget and energy. Let us know if you are interested - we will send you the details!
Well, we've told you the most important things you need to know to use Urbanpinion and launch your survey. Friendly reminder: our platform is suitable for both research and data collection as well as for discussions, opinion collecting, initiative budgeting, discussing territory development during meetings and workshops - it depends on your initial goals.

We hope you will have a pleasant experience with Urbanpinion Demo Version and wait for you to become our subscriber!
We are always here to help!
Make the right decisions
for the city development
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